The Beginning of the Mobile-Film Journey :Not Me!

This film began the journey of Shot Chitra, a mobile-film project started casually by me and Sanket Dhungel and later joined by Subesh Bhattarai.

Our goal with this project is to have fun shooting short films with our low-battery and low-storage mobile phones. Editing with terrible computers hasn’t been fun though! The satisfaction after publishing them have been euphoric, however.

In the earlier films, we improvised a lot. No screenplays, no stories, no plans – just general ideas. But lately we have started to co-write screenplays. We even wrote one with an AI tool!

At Sundarijal filming Be Brave!

At Dhulikhel during the shoot of The Selfish Game!

The one linked here is called Not Me! 

Channel: Shot Chitra
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