Why Don’t I Have Friends?

Published in Ellemeno

A guy once sat in this room scared about not having any friends and made a fool of himself in desperation by ringing ‘friends’ who clearly didn’t want to meet him. Today, the same guy in the same room stands proud about not having any friends and even dares to write a story about it for the world to read and follow. What changed other than fifteen years of time?

For starters, the guy learned to enjoy being alone. ‘Only people who can’t be with themselves need friends,’ he started to tell himself. And he started to be really alone. Although it was difficult at first, he persisted. He could do it because he started to learn about life and the world. And he found those learnings more important and exciting than any friend could ever be. And that’s how he started to enjoy being alone. Yes, first he had dead people from the past as his friends. Or so he thought! Later he realized that they were not actually his friends. They were his teachers. A teacher should never be your friend and a friend can never be your teacher!

And then the guy started to say, ‘Having friends is like running in a three-legged-race. One is held back by the other. No one is free. They are all bound to the other. An individual is supposed to live freely. He is supposed to think with his own mind and go his own way. A friend is only there to ensure another person in society doesn’t move beyond him.’

He had started to apply lessons he had learnt alone and so he started to consciously remove the idea of friends from his mind.

Fifteen years ago, things were different for him.

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