Are You Qualified to Live?

Imagine queuing up in front of a large gate in the sky with a trillion other souls that look like Kibosh. You have a token in your left hand that reads 222222222222. There is no time. There is no body. You are in an application process where a bunch of gods decide if you should get life.

In your right hand is a ‘potential letter’ which shows how likely you are to succeed in life.

Now imagine submitting the letter and getting an instant reply:

Sorry, you are not qualified to live. You can always try later.

Now imagine how you would feel.

You want to know what let you down. You want to know where you lacked. You try to ask them but another soul from behind yells at you and pushes past you. You have to leave.

Thankfully for us who got life there was no such thing. At least, I don’t remember going through anything like that. But I can remember going through a lot of that down here on earth.

There were girls who told me I wasn’t qualified enough for them. There were schools that said the same. Friends, companies, universities, nations, banks, publishers, employers. Each and every one of those bastards have at some point told me I was not good enough. In each of those rejections, I felt as if I was queuing up in front of a large gate in the sky with a trillion other souls…

But thankfully life didn’t say that.

The world is big and diverse

No one has the right to reject you. When someone does, you should know that you were in the wrong place. Nobody tells you, you are unqualified. If they do, you should know you have been living the wrong life.

Does this mean you should be your own girlfriend and friend? That you should have your own school, company, university, nation, bank, publisher, employer?

Of course not. That would be something even the wannabe Tony Robbins of Medium would cringe on.

It means, understand yourself and your abilities. Understand the world. The world has variety. Knock on doors that resemble you. Go where you are wanted and needed. Choose in a wise way. There are other people and things in this world like you. No, this is not Coelhoesque garbage. Absolute uniqueness is impossible. It is absurd. We imitate our environment.

You are here because you are compatible with life. You were accepted. You are wanted here in this world.

Life and the world have already accepted you. You don’t need any other acceptance. You are qualified enough.

Find the right harmony.

Don’t waste your self-respect and life on the wrong stuff. Know yourself and the world. Know where you fit. Go where you should. And dump the rest…