Dealing with Digital and Content Exhaustion

If your professional life involves spending a lot of time with digital devices or content, perhaps you have a thought once in a while about quitting all this nonsense and working in something that doesn’t involve them.

Then you imagine yourself in professions without computers or content. You conclude that the thing you do now is the only thing you could have done. You — the modern man — are too unskilled for other professions. Today I look at farming or carpentry with the same awe with which I looked at a computer guy or a writer back in the day.

There is no escaping anywhere.

There is nothing outside anymore.

We are trapped.

Unless there is a massive global movement to get rid of digital stuff, there is no hope. There is even less hope for such a movement. So, all we have are temporary solutions. Distractions or inspiration.

That’s why we go to places like Medium to gather some mindset or approach to deal with our situation and come back clearer or stronger. Or we use music. Or we bombard ourselves with more content — this time in the form of brainless entertainment — games, videos. Or we may turn to books and tell ourselves they are different. But books are content too.

During such episodes, more computers and content aren’t the solution to our hopelessness (exhaustion and burnout). We need to get into something non-computer and non-content. Even if it is for a short time.

Today we have a few options. I could only find seven:

  • Food and drinks: We can chop onions, cook meat, or go to a restaurant/pub.
  • Toilet and bathroom: We can just sit or take a shower/bath.
  • Nature: We can always turn back to the ultimate mother. Lakes, woods, ponds, oceans, dogs, horses, tigers, etc.
  • Travel: We can take a bus or train ticket anywhere.
  • Be with other people: We can be with other people with a deal to not use our devices or talk about TV shows, music, sports, movies, etc.
  • Physical activities and sports: We can go outside for a jog or play football.
  • Sleep

Observe how the things we grew up doing have become things of entertainment and the things we did for entertainment while we grew up have become …well…


I hope there is a massive global movement soon. But I am hopeless. They say they will bring AR, VR now.

P.S. Now that we are trapped, I see no point in limiting ourselves with our computers. Might as well make full use of ChatGPT for title generation.