I think, write, blog, create.

Hi, I am Adesh.  My selling point is that I abandoned my technical academic pursuit midway to live a creative life. I am in my 30s now, and I also quit coffee once.

But modern life came with a lot of questions. I had to pierce through the amateur and manipulative answers found all over society, culture, and the internet.  

I am on a mission to discover the right words and thoughts for modern life.

But this mission didn’t exist from the beginning.

Way before the writer’s bug bit me,
I wanted to be an army

Writing came late into my life during the end of my teens when I started reading a lot. I was impressed by the way the things I read were changing me.

I decided to be a writer to change myself in a direction I wanted to change.

I started with writing on my diaries for myself. But now I want to change everything so I write everywhere. 

Hair or less hair,
I wrote a lot everywhere. 

But a writer’s life hasn’t been easy. In fact, there hasn’t even been a writer’s life. There have been writer’s dreams. 

But I persist.


Because these guys make me:

GOETHE: Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Nietzsche: Image by WikiImages from Pixabay


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 This website is where I share my stories with pretentious philosophy added as a spice. I also try to sell my writing abilities here.

The stories and lessons appear as articles, fiction, poems, and videos. Explore around. Share your life lessons with me too.

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